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No frills, just great sound

A little background:

at dude ranch studio we believe in the artist's vision. we are here to help you realize your vision to the fullest. while offering pristine sound with first-class analog and digital equipment, we are also able to keep our prices reasonable by keeping the operation lean and mean, and choosing a carefully selected gear park with no superfluous equipment.

Dude Ranch Studio is located a little south of Oslo, Norway, on an idyllic island off the eastern coast. The clients come from all over the world. Jacob Holm-Lupo is my name and I run the studio. I'm a musician myself, with a special fondness for progressive rock, artsy pop and folk rock.

The jobs we take include album mastering, mixing, overdubs and TV/film work.

These are quotes from reviews of albums we've worked on: 
"stunning production", "glittering production values", "a warm, dynamic production", "one of the best productions I’ve heard so far this year", "rich and warm production", "you can hear the audiophile sound quality bursting out of the speakers", "easily one of the better sounding albums I’ve ever heard", "The first thing that caught my attention and which continues to blow my mind listen after listen is the production".
Labels we do work for include The Laser's Edge, Termo Records, Musea, Karisma, Apollon, mtg music, drabant music, Mellow Records, AltRock, firstlastlovemusic, Exergy, feral delight, ellingsongs, meteoritt, seacrest oy and many more.
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