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Rates & Rules


The cost of a project is of course dependent on the nature of the music. Underneath you will find generalized rates and rules aimed at indie artists. Major label contracts are different.



Regular mastering:

1 song: 100$

1 album: CD and digital: 400$. Just vinyl: 400$. CD, digital & vinyl: 500$


Stem mixing:
We gladly do stem mixing. Rates will vary depending on the number of stems, but generalized rates are:
1 song: 110$

1 album: CD and digital: 500$. Just vinyl: 500$. CD, digital & vinyl: 600$


Each mastering job comes with 2 free revisions, additional fee for extra revisions.


First-time customers pay upfront, returning customers pay 50% upfront and 50% on delivery.


Mixes must be delivered in minimum CD resolution, but the highest possible resolution is preferred. The mixing engineer must leave all mastering limiting/compression off the mixes before delivery, and a headroom of 3-6db is necessary for maximum results.



Each mixing job is different, so it is difficult to give even a ballpark figure. We adapt our rates to both the nature of your product and the size of your budget, so feel free to ask.

However, for indie artists we offer package deals with these generalized rates, subject however to change depending on the complexity of the job. Get in touch for more information.


1 song: 300$

1 album: 3000$


Revisions will be flexible, based on continuous communication with the artist.

First-time customers pay 70% upfront, 30% on delivery, returning customers pay 50% upfront, 50% on delivery.


I do not do “sample mixes”.

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